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HSE – On the Top of the Oil & Gas Industry’s Agenda

5 June, 2013

According to Ernst & Young Top 10 Risks and Opportunities in 2013 and Beyond (click here to download it), HSE – health, safety and environment – remains a major concern and a top priority within the oil and gas industry.

Ernst and Young’s report shows that more than 100 oil and gas executives from 90 companies in 21 countries consider HSE as one of the top industry’s challenges and show “zero tolerance for accidents both within the industry and within the stakeholders community. ”

The report says that “regulation is also increasing in HSE, as well as with regard to bribery, corruption, financial reporting and transparency, creating a strong linkage between HSE and regulatory compliance. This combined area of risk is likely to remain at number one for the foreseeable future. ”

Dale Nijoka, Ernst & Young’s Global Oil & Gas Leader, comments: “The oil and gas industry is undergoing an intense focus on safety and environmental risk preparedness and mitigation. In light of corporate social responsibilities, economic challenges and regulatory pressures, it has become increasingly clear that managing these risks is vital for long-term sustainability.” (E&Y)

Loss of lives and environmental damages may happen again but now the industry is strongly committed on continuous HSE improvements. There is a need of cooperation amongst governments, key industry players and regulators. Furthermore, long-term collaboration and dialogues to share experiences and best practices are also vital to develop HSE across the globe.

What measures need to be taken to improve operation, protect staff and avoid accidents in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.


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