As of 31st July 2013, IESTA will no longer be operating as a company limited by guarantee.

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The Underwater Centre   


The Underwater Centre provides specialist training for commercial divers, ROV pilot technicians and associated support staff at its purpose built and extensive facilities in Fort William. These include a large pier which incorporates multiple dive and ROV stations, welding bays, engineering workshops and hyperbaric chambers; three barges and support vessels alongside various dive stations to depths of greater than 100m; as well as a 1.5M litre indoor seawater tank.

In addition to being an ideal environment in which to train, the location and facilities at The Underwater Centre make it the ideal location for subsea trials and testing, providing real-life conditions at a fraction of the cost, and operational consideration, of going offshore. Recent trials carried out have been for sectors such as fibre-optic cable laying, through-water communications, oil and gas, civil nuclear, and scientific research.