As of 31st July 2013, IESTA will no longer be operating as a company limited by guarantee.

For further information on energy skills and training in Scotland, please visit the IESTA LinkedIn page. This site will be managed by Scottish Enterprise for the purposes of maintaining the IESTA network.



Solutions are a leading IT Services provider in Scotland and have been supporting, training, developing and connecting businesses for 20 years.

With our excellent track record in the development of powerful web based database systems and our evolving range of products and services, Solutions provide international energy clients with a secure and available 24x7 platform, visibility of projects, teams and assets worldwide and encompass safety, compliance, certification and competence.

Onboard Solutions, our range of web based Oil & Gas related applications, currently track thousands of oilfield workers and millions of pounds of equipment in Europe, Africa, Asia and North & South America. Primarily focusing on Personnel & Team Tracking, Asset Tracking, HR Management, Training & Competency and Health & Safety, Onboard Solutions covers the following areas:

Onboard TEAM

  • Crew & Team Planning
  • People on Board
  • Logistics
  • Travel Planning
  • Certification & Training Compliance
  • Job Management

Onboard ASSET

  • Asset & Equipment Tracking
  • Certification Compliance
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Downtime Analysis
  • Service & Maintenance

Onboard HR

  • Emergency Contacts
  • HR Management
  • Training & Competency

Onboard QHSE

  • Full bespoke QHSE module to meet specific requirements