Source Training

Our training consultants can choose from the widest range of courses, and beyond that, individual training packages can be set up on an ad hoc basis to suit individual applicants or groups as necessary.


The global hub for Scottish energy sector skills and training expertise

IESTA is an alliance of Scottish universities, further education colleges & private sector training providers offering a diverse range of expertise to the global energy industry.

Why join IESTA

By working together we can make your presence in the global oil, gas & energy training market as strong and high profile as possible.

Why use IESTA

By sourcing your training requirements through us you are accessing the worlds most advanced & experienced training providers

Who are the members

As the industry's experience and expertise has grown, a network of educational and training providers has gradually grown up around the companies working in the North Sea


Recent Projects

Sarah Singer is no longer with iesta.
Please forward any enquiries to iesta's Scottish Enterprise Manager Louise Tobin.